14 January 2014

Nick's Bedroom Update

Hello Everyone and welcome back.  Today I've decided to share a few pics of Nick's bedroom update.  Over Christmas break we decided to throw caution to the wind and just "do something" inside the house.  It's been overwhelming trying to figure when/where any monies should be spent.  We have so many projects needing completion it's hard to decide where to start.  So, until we can afford to "finish" the basement, put new floors and trim in, etc. we decided to paint.  In all honesty, I would love to be able to rip the drywall out and start over with a fresh canvas.  There are so many layers of paint and drip spots from previous owners it looks like the rooms are melting in places.  We also need to replace windows and closet doors, this is why we baby step.  So without further ado...here are a couple of before shots from this summer when we de-cluttered and deep cleaned.

*Note, the bed is red.

Yes, the dog kennel has moved to it's new home...we aren't fostering anyone right now.

When we first moved in, all three kiddos shared this room.  We fit a double bed, a twin, two chests of drawers and two bookcases in here...it's a big room.  Eventually the girls decided to move downstairs to the unfinished basement, little brother was cramping their style.  We have worked on Kyleigh's room and she's waiting on the finish work.  You can see pics of the progress here.

He's so very shy.

Painting is sooooo much fun!

We decided to paint the doors (more on those later), the dogs are very heavy handed pawed.
We liked the way these doors looked on Pinterest, so why not give it a try...we'll be replacing doors in the future anyway.

The result for now.

We weren't able to paint the desk and nightstand yet, I think they will probably end up brown.  The bed took two cans of paint and still isn't "hunter's" orange but Nick likes it, that's all I needed to hear.  He's been very excited about this update so far.  He actually makes his bed every morning now, Fan-Tastic!  Nothing like a little Mossy Oak decor for a Montana boy's bedroom.

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