04 January 2013


Yay for us!

Kyleigh's room is coming along. The first coat of paint is up and the lighting is finished and installed (for now).  We still need to paint the ceiling and put in the window framing, which I have painted as well.  It's starting to look like a teenager's/girl's room.  Here are a few shots of the progress.  Can we say P-I-N-K!?!



 My $5 chandelier, originally $99.  
I spent more on the spray paint and light bulbs.
Here's what I managed for under $30.

 Oh Yeah, looks great!  
And even better, the light bulbs give off a good bit of light so we shouldn't need extra lighting in here.

 While we were at it, I asked the hubbs to put the new light fixture in the upstairs hallway. 
 It's been sitting on a shelf for about a year.

This is the (outdoor) light we removed from the hall.
I think it's an upgrade, you?

So, it's moving forward slowly.  I'm getting excited about it instead of the usual dread of going into the basement.  It's like a breath of fresh air.  We still have the dresser to paint for her and, obviously, the finishing up of paint and trim.  I think she'll be excited as well.  It just feels better in there already.  It won't be long before she has her zebra business in there.  Then it's off to the next room, Lucy's.

Hope you all enjoy the pics.  Have a wonderful weekend!



  1. Nice improvements. The outdoor lighting in the end sure does look good. Where did you guys get it? Anyway, thank you for all the shares about your recent projects, it is nice to see it all here.

    1. Thanks Ricky. The outdoor light was in our hallway when we moved in. I will try to repurpose it later. Thanks for checking out my page. :-)