03 January 2013

A *Sigh* of Relief

Good Morning All.

Today is "catch up" day for this home.  It's been so busy lately I've fallen out of my routines.  I have massive laundry overload, dishes to be done and bathrooms to clean.  It was worth it to spend time with family and friends and now I am ready to GET IT DONE!  I can feel the dust in my house and the dog hair in the carpet/air/etc.  I need an extra shower just thinking of it.  One thing at a time...

We have several projects going on here in the house.  The main being Kyleigh's bedroom.  The walls are ready for paint/trim and I have her chandelier almost completed.  I'll have to post pictures later.  I will also be painting some furniture, hopefully soon, to re purpose.  Again, pics later.  Once Kyleigh's room is finished (for now) we will move on to what will be Lucy's room.  When I say "finished for now" I mean all but flooring and baseboards.        We have decided to wait on that until we can put flooring throughout the entire basement.  We won't be able to do that until the basement is fully "finished" with walls, ceiling, doors, etc.  It sounds bad and maybe it is but this is where we are right now.  Not to mention, I haven't settled on flooring yet.  It's taking quite a bit of time living here to figure out what we should do/fix/change with the house.  The good news, we only need time and money.  Doesn't everyone have an abundance of both?  No? Well, neither do we at the moment which explains the slow transformation of our house to home.  Unfortunately, we aren't able to ask for a raise or decline "business" trips. *~* I am really excited about the end of these trips...3 1/2 more years...Lord, please help me.*~*  I really need the hubbs around for the heavy labor.  Not to mention, I'm more of a decorator/supervisor.  Hehehe  Again, one thing at a time.

So, I guess it's time to get moving.  The clock waits for no one and we (I) have much to do. I wish everyone a wonderful day.



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