13 January 2014

Hobby Farm Fire

*Disclaimer* This post was written Friday the 10th, it's taken me a bit to navigate through the new picture adding on the blogs.  Why can't they just leave things alone?  LOL

Howdy Do all.  The last week has been a blur of chaos with an extra serving of WTHeck?  Last Friday, one week ago today, we were settling in a bit after picking the boy up from the bus stop.  We came in the house, got comfy and prepared to chill...  HA!  I wish!  Actually, I was on this technological nightmare and Brian was doing his most favorite of things, cleaning/rearranging/sorting in the basement.  Yes, you read it right...I'm a lucky girl!  Anyhow, Nick let the dog out to run and decided to join him.  Mr. Brown was barking enough to get Nick's attention, Like, Really.  I hear a squeal and then Nick's plowing through the door terrified.

All I can see is FEAR and all I hear is FIRE!  Brian only hears FIRE!  

Brian was trying to get upstairs thinking I had a kitchen fire or something...  I was haulin' out the door and around the house...  This is what greeted me...

I was actually speechless.  ME.  SPEECHLESS!

Brian made it outside and we just kinda stood there for a minute.  At this point it was obvious there was nothing we could do, it was large and in charge.  We called 911 and stood outside waiting.  As you can see in the photo, our propane tank is between our house and the shed.....Major concern there!  Here's another look.

It had started to calm burn down by the time the crew arrived.  It's good to have friends and neighbors, ours are the best!  Nick and I stayed on the opposite end of the house in case the fire spread but we could see the propane tanks for the grill blowing light torches and then a rogue camp fuel bottle managed to escape it's confines.  What a sound, whistling through the air towards us after diverting away from our house and Nick's bedroom window.  It landed about 10-15 feet in front of Nick and me.  Then there were the pops from assorted spray cans, inching up the 'ole tension meter...  It didn't last long.

Hey!  Here's the shed's fire extinguisher!

In all honesty, I'm pretty ok with it.  I'm trying to see the bigger picture like we did with Hurricane Katrina, a blessing in disguise if you will.  Fortunately we don't have to go through as much this time, emotionally.  Most everything is replaceable, even the girls' Christmas horse tack.  The saddle loss is a big downer too.  The worst was knowing our bunnies couldn't get out.  They would've been gone before I even saw the fire, hopefully from the smoke inhalation.  Four sweet little bunnies, bless them.  I had been out haying the horses earlier in the morning.  I also had the chicken scraps to deliver so I left the run open so they could free range for the day...note where the run is now attached to no coop.  Grateful birds, Grateful people, Grateful cat....Yes, when I had been out there in the morning there was a loud calling from inside the shed.  Nutters had been closed in overnight and was none too pleased.

So, in reflecting upon another WoodsFam life moment, here's how I choose to see things:

*My family is safe.
*We didn't lose more animals, it could've been horrific...remember the Massacre of 2012?
*We still have a home.
*Brian's home for this one, I didn't have to go through it alone!
*Stuff is replaceable.  We learned not to form much attachment to things after the hurricane.
*The WIND was blowing in our favor, away from the house and propane tank, and it was snowing and not dry outside!!!

All this by the third day of the new year, Way to Go Woodsies!

Hoping everyone has a relaxing weekend.
(We're to expect a little wind this weekend, like 100 mph.  I'm sure there will be tales to tell.)



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