02 January 2014

Hello 2014!

Well, we made it!  2013 is in our past and we've got a fresh new outlook on things!

It's with great pleasure and intermittent melancholy, we say goodbye to 2013.  It was a rough year for our family.  Daddy was gone for 8 months and, as always, that's when some of the most trying times occur.  We bid adieu to some great friends who moved on to their next assignments.  We were able to really appreciate the family and friends we have, we wouldn't have made it without them!  We added to our family, a cutie named Whipper, Klassie, misc birds and such.  We also welcomed another niece and nephew!!!  We have The.  Most.  Adorable.  nieces and nephews, this brings us to 14 grand kids for my parents...holy moly! 

We also had to say goodbye to several of the world's best men.  All unexpected, all a direct hit to the heart.  Sometimes real life just gets a little too close for comfort.  While I am very Blessed to have known them and I appreciate the times I had with them, I just was not ready to let go.  Death has no age discrimination and all three were gone, IMO, much, much too soon.  And I'll have to stop there, Some wounds are still much too fresh.

So, on to 2014...

This year I look forward to more.  More of everything.  I know there will be heartache but there will also be joy.  We are getting really, really close to Brian's retirement days so we are kicking it into high gear on planning and preparing.  I have a feeling I'm gonna blink and have a daughter graduated from high school, a "baby" entering middle school, and a retired hubby.  Time is flying.  So, resolutions?  I don't know about any of you but I detest the word for it's expectations, then "failures."  We are focusing on continuing to build our foundation, one tiny step at a time.  Small, reasonable goals we can accomplish, and in doing so the feelings of accomplishment and growth which will lead to more success.  Crossing Fingers, Right!?!

Anyhoo, all that aside, it's time for me to get my groove on.  The house has been somewhat neglected with all of the holiday activities and people being home.  I just detected a smell needing investigation....ewww....so, off I must be.  I hope to be on here more this year and hopefully I'll be able to grow this blog a bit.  Anything is possible, correct? ;-)

Much love and many Blessings for the New Year.  Thanks for stopping by!


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