05 August 2013

Hello August

It's been a busy summer around here and it's getting close to "Back to School" time.  Eighteen days til school starts, not that I'm counting.  We've managed to find several pairs of jeans to fit each kiddo, and in one day---at one store!  Couldn't believe it!  I still have supplies to buy but the list isn't out for third grade and middle/high schools will get their lists the first day.  The girls will register next week for their classes.  Before we know it we'll have cheer practice again and games and homework...ah, the return of fall.  I am kinda excited about football season, can't lie.  The best part about BTS this year is it's relation to Brian's return.  Around two more months-ish, I think.  I can't wait!  I am so beyond ready to share this workload again.  Knowwhatimeeeeeean?

In keeping with the WoodsFam entertainment, we had another fun day yesterday.  This time I broke the hitch on the water trailer.  You know, since the jack has been fixed.  So, with the help of daughter and her friend, we managed to move the water tank back to the bed of the truck.  What fun, What Fun!  Oh, yes, I can't wait for backup.  What I haven't figured out is why the hitch was sitting so low???  I mean, I use the same truck to haul water and, if anything, one would think it would be lighter once the water drained.  Hmmm...

Anyway, the excitement continues.  We are still working on a round pen for the horses.  I think it might actually work, when I get a few free minutes to actually work on it.  It's not super high on the priority list for me.  If anyone has seen inside my house, you would certainly understand.  Again, school starting will hopefully be a big help.  At least no one will be here to immediately undo what's done.  LOL

So, how are your Back To School plans going?  Any big plans for the fall?  I'd love to hear!

Much Love,