18 July 2013

Soooo...What's Been Going On?

Good Afternoon all!  It's been another busy chapter in the WoodsFam's Life.  We've worked on cleaning up and clearing our yard, working with animals, organizing the house, and cleaning (s-l-o-w-l-y).

Our yard life is a work in progress, always.  We've managed to work on some of our bigger projects (our "hoard" pile) and a few smaller, like getting some animal areas bettered.  Kyleigh and Lucy have been working with the horses and we've seen a small (yay!) improvement in temperament and cooperation.  This goes FAR for us!  It's been hot, for the most part, and we've had a few storms.  Got some bigger hail last week, along with some damage to our trucks, camper and roof....yes, that darn roof again!  I will just never understand why the previous owner shingled when it would have been much, much better to put a metal roof on.  Seriously, the cost difference really isn't all that much but the benefits of metal are so many.

As for our house, I've been trying to stay in the air conditioning, mid 90s is pretty hot up here where I wear shorts and flip flops for 50*F days.  We I am trying to wrangle this place up a bit but I'm afraid the assistance is less than consistent, in direct contrast to the complaining.  Ugh.  But, I am pushing forward and hopeful we will get some sort of cooperation.  I admit, I tend to run out of steam between working and "nagging" the children.  I was able to steam clean my carpets, Thank You Lord!  It looks like I am gonna be saving up to buy another steam cleaner as renting one would pay for it within 6 months or so.  I think I managed to bring up a hefty amount of gross to the top of the carpet in addition to what hit the dump bucket.  I think I may need to steam once a week for awhile to get it under control...

I am still working on photos, I need to watermark before I post.  I should have several but they will be the last.  My camera got dropped and no longer works.  5 Years was a pretty good run, I guess.  So, maybe I'll save some more and cross my fingers for one of the "better" models.  Always something exciting.

What are your summer projects?  Share 'em here!

Have a Wonderful Afternoon.


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