10 July 2013

5 Random Things About the WoodsFam

1. The Woods Animals are just as crazy as the people, maybe even more so.

2. Brian and I love to watch the sunsets out here, there's nothing like it.  Can't wait for him to get home!

3. Kyleigh is our "Crazy Cat Lady."

4. Lucy actually has animal DNA...seriously, she's the dog whisperer.

5. Nicholas is a down and dirty farm boy!  A hard worker, when he chooses.

So, apparently this posting of random things is somewhat popular on blogs.  I thought it would be easier, not so much.  I kept these farm related and a little more on the personal side.  Not too personal...  I am slowly working back to my posts and trying to determine what might be entertaining or inspiring.

If there are any questions, requests, ideas out there, please let me know.  I want to keep you coming back, if only to watch the "train wreck" that is our life!  LOL  We are all about humor here and I hope to share with you those moments, as well as other not so funny moments.

Thanks for reading,


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