01 May 2013

Yes,This is Our Life.


It's Wednesday, Hump Day, and all I can think is how much it feels like another Monday.  I know I say I try to keep busy but this is a little overboard.  If only life could space out the work evenly...LOL  Oddly enough, my last post WAS on Monday.  I'm still trying to sort out the how-to's of fixing the fence, the shelter is another story.  Being spring and summer coming I am thinking the horses will be ok until Daddy gets back.  In any poor weather, we can move them back to the "turkey and duck" pen.

That being said...the turkey and duck pen are currently inhabited by the displaced horses.  I've got the fencing, the posts are still in place, I have ties and caps for the t-posts.  What I don't have is ANY idea how to get the fencing out of the truck and rolled out the "short" distance I need it.  I'm not good with measurements when "eyeballing" but I know it's not 330' of repair which is exactly how much horse/livestock fencing I have.  That being said, I now need to fix the turkey/duck pen...

This morning, after telling the dogs to "HUSH UP Already!" I look out and see our neighbor out with the horses.  Neighbor, being a very large bull.  No "shit", it was a bull...and, of course, all I can think of is Bullshit! Bullshit! Bullshit!  LOL  I don't mind the droppings so much but he was IN the turkey pen, meaning he pushed the fencing down on one end.  Now, I realize it wasn't the sturdiest to begin with but Come On.  So, after driving in to town early to drop off Lucy for an overnight field trip, I come home and find we left one dog out.  I then try to start my day when I hear the dogs going crazy and find the bull in the pen.  I proceed to fix said fencing as best I can before the horses make a run for it.  I was really not wanting to do a recovery alone again...  But, I got it fixed up and the horses are still here so that's something.

Then it was time to make a water run, Oh Joy (said in my best "Stimpy" inner voice).  Of course, I was having a bit of a time getting the truck backed up just right for the trailer...yeah, I guess I am a girl in some ways!  That is irritation in and of itself.  I really didn't need the damn roosters coming after me!!!  I don't know what has gotten into them but they are ASSHOLES now.  Manny used to be ok but since Bob has joined the ranks it's every man, woman and child for themselves.  So, I'm trying to hitch up, while fending off rogue roosters and getting in and out of the truck for "just an inch or two more."  I'm sure it would be entertaining for the masses, I wasn't in quite so good humor by that time.  BUT, I finally got it done, thank you very much.  Then it was on to normal, everyday business.  Fiona had an appointment for her immunizations and to have her "easy button" looked at.  So, when it's time to leave I put the boys in their kennels and call  out for the Princess.

For about 15-20 minutes I am calling outside, inside, checking under beds, checking animal shelters (not the pound), you name it.  I couldn't find her anywhere!  I figured she ended up following the bull to make sure he was gone for good or something of that nature.  When I couldn't wait any longer I called the vet's office and asked if I could bring in Paco instead as it was still just immunizations, Fiona was nowhere to be found.  So, no biggs, Paco and I roll out for his checkup, shots, etc.  I'm sure everyone will be happy to hear he is healthy, many more years to come.  He I scheduled an appt. for getting his teeth cleaned later this month and a "bring Fiona in if she's available during his drop off or pick up."  I proceeded to treat myself to a chicken sandwich at The Expedition and a "glass" of wine.  Hehehe  I've found a new red I really like, it's called Goose Bump.  Anyhow, I stayed in town til it was time to pick the kids up and we headed home.


Yep, she came right out when Kyleigh opened the door.  I guess at some point I must have mentioned the appt. in her presence, dumb me.  She really is a Princess, with fatty tumors~fat pockets~easy buttons.  She's my girl.  I'm so relieved she hadn't decided to wonder off and die or something.  The thought did occur to me, unfortunately.  She has so much to teach the young boys about being loyal, not velcro, guardianship and family/animal protection on the 'ole farm.  Did I mention I LOVE LOVE LOVE this oddly sized dachshund mix?

Yes, this IS our life!

So, that's it for today, Lord willing.  I'm ready for dinner, a cider and some Ghost Whisperer.  Yes, we just started watching it on Netflix and the kids are always asking if we'll have time to get in an episode or two.  We live in a bit of a time warp bubble.  LOL

May you have a relaxing evening and until next time...


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