03 May 2013

Our "Guest"

It's Finally Friday, can I get a Whoot Whoot???

Today is rainy so I spent time working on Nick's bedroom today.  I'll post pictures once I'm done but for now it's not quite ready.  I did get the rest of his furniture moved upstairs, sweet!  I'm in search of some fabric and paint and ideas.

So, for a little Farm Friday entertainment I've decided to share a few pictures of this week's guest, from yesterday.  Here he is helping himself to the horses' water.  It's been very helpful to have him visiting as he keeps pushing our fencing down.  This is the turkey/duck pen, temporarily including horses. It was a preexisting area and not meant for big animals, obviously. I did get a start on the horse fencing yesterday.  I got the gate installed but hey, it's just me and Kyleigh working on it and that stuff is H-E-A-V-Y!  Fortunately, our friend showed up to visit and volunteered to come back later on and pound some serious posts for me, YaY!, and possibly help stretch the fence. I Love living here!  He was paid in tamales.

Mr. Brown trying to get his attention.

So, later on he came back and was just outside our door.  Mr. Brown was desperately trying to get his point across, to no avail.  He's gotten very comfortable here.  He seems pretty docile but I'm not willing to challenge him to a showdown...

I'm Right HERE!  GOOOOO!!!!  LOL

You'll note Mr. Brown is a little confused and offended to be ignored.  The first few times, the bull listened and sauntered on down the road, not so much now.

Mom, he's not listening...WTHeck?

So, there you have it, a typical WoodsFam day.  The bull was rounded up later yesterday afternoon and was back at it this morning.  Fortunately, I didn't notice until I heard a truck and saw someone trying to wrangle him again.  Too Funny...except the fence part...UGH!  LOL

Have you ever had an uninvited guest who just won't leave?  Share it here!

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend.  We've got another busy one planned and hope to share pics next week.


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