08 May 2013

I Wanna Go Play Outside!

It's another beautiful day out here on the 'ole homestead!  I'm stuck in here working on floors and bedrooms and bathrooms...  I would LOVE to grab a book, some suntan oil, a huge glass of sweet-ish tea and a towel and lay out on the trampoline.  It would be sooo wonderful.  I'd even enjoy working a little more on the fence or starting my garden, darn responsibilities inside!  Curses!  But hey, if the boys can drink some cold beer while working outside, I'm thinking a little wine would be spectacular today.  Ooooo, Sangria...  Who's it On?  I guess I should wait til at least noon.  Blah.

So, today I am focusing on beating this house into submission.  I've got muddy floors, gross carpets, laundry and a tween's bedroom in some serious need of intervention.  Maybe, just maybe, once her room is rearranged she will find the excitement in keeping it nice.  It's a good hope albeit not likely.  The grounding has helped a little bit but I'm really not one to enjoy the enforcing of the discipline.  It happens but I think I am just punishing myself most of the time.  Aaargh!  (maybe it's a rum day, matey)  LOL

So, off I go into "the depths of despair"...  Yes, I just used an Anne Shirley quote.  Wish me luck and pray I return unscathed, mostly.  Let's be real, AmIRight?  And how good will it feel to have clean floors again?  I don't remember but I think it was, refreshing???  I am determined to get to the actual floor again, I've already done one pass and it smells like mud in here now, yuck.  

What would you be doing on a day like today?  Would you run outside and forget about the world around you while enter the world of your book?  Would you push up your sleeves, tuck up your skirt and Get To It?  Maybe go for a long drive with the top down or play some golf?  Share it Here!!!

Smiles and Well Wishes.


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