29 April 2013

Hoooooo Weeeee! It's Definitely A Monday!

Good Grief is it's WINDY!  I thought Saturday was bad but this definitely takes the cake.  I'm surprised we haven't had any animals blow away yet.  Today has been a stay in the house kind of day...  I'm trying to get this house in shape but to no avail.  I feel like once I finish one thing there are seventeen other things that fall apart.  I need some pep in my step and it just hasn't been available lately, I think it's on back order...

Well, I had a little break in my post.  After picking up the kiddos from the bus stop (post office) we were trying to get our afternoon chores done when we noticed...

"MOM, BELLE is OUT!"  Yup, not just Belle but Klassy too.  Appears our horse shelter wasn't rated for gale force winds.  Uggghhh.  So, off we went to round up the girls.  I guess I've got a little more than reinforcement to tend to now.  Isn't that just so exciting?!?  Oh, and just in case that wasn't enough for today, we lost half the roof on the chicken coop.  I guess the life span of two years was pushing it.  Oh well, I will be a busy bee for awhile. Phew!  I'm so relieved, I was afraid I would run out of things to do.  Know what I meeeeean?  The good news is, the roof is still on OUR house.  Yaaay!

So, I'm off to have some dinner and make some plans for rebuilding.  LOL  It's just another day at the Woodsies.  Anyone else just have one of those days?  Let me know about it, let's commiserate, leave a line or two.  Hoping everyone has a wonderful and relaxing evening.



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