28 May 2013

Welcome to Summer Life

This week we are preparing for the invasion...Grannie's Coming!!!  LOL  There's quite a bit to do for prep so it's nice to have the kids out of school to help.  Wait, the girls are having friend time away from the house...they will have a busy couple days with the last minute rush.

So far, I've managed to get the carpet somewhat cleaned.  Let me tell ya, a steam cleaner that won't spray is a bit of a pain.  I've been mixing up a cleaner in a bottle and having to spray the carpet, wait, add water and then suck it all up.  Not the quickest method but at least it sucks...hahaha.  The living room is slowly clearing out from all the end of the school year crap and it's finally starting to smell better with the windows open daily.  My bedroom is just about there, some dusting and clean sheets ought to do it.  Then I will be changing the sheets on Nick's bed so I have clean sheets.  Yes, my room is the guest room.  Or maybe I'll just move out to the camper...hmmmm.  That doesn't sound so bad, the bed is super comfy, I can keep the wine chilled AND use the bathroom...SCORE!

So, there's my first week of summer in a nutshell.  Looking forward to time with family and friends and whatever entertains the household while Daddy is gone. It's looking to be beautiful weather soon and I'm ready to chill and not play beat the clock.  I look forward to some R&R, long baths and quiet reading time  I hear the water calling out to me and the sun as well.  It's gonna be a good summer, yep.

What are your summer plans?


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