24 May 2013


It's been a long week for us.  We've had too many heartbreaks in the last few days.  Our family is just fine, thankfully, but there are other families experiencing great loss.  It's so frustrating when you want so badly to help but there's just really nothing you can do but pray.  I know prayer is help but I want to do something more.  It brings back so many memories.  Sad, lonely, depressing memories of our losses back in 2005.  I know I can't relate completely but what I can relate to is devastating.  A roller coaster of emotions and no way to ease them.  So many tears, so many uncertain moments, so much loss.  And mine were spaced out over several months, not several hours.

Life changes so quickly and we do our best to hold on and go with the flow.  When these things happen our first response is "Why?"  Why God?  And we can answer it immediately with, "it is not for us to know now." A closer relationship with God?  Our family?  Our friends?  It makes one reflect on life and loss.  I know I certainly have those "WTFudge?" moments in my life.  What can we do from here?  Everyone has their own way of coping, some better than others.  It's those who have difficulty coping who are on my mind this week.

That's where my desire to help is aimed.  I want to help people, emotionally.  Anyone can help clean, send cash etc., but not everyone is willing to sit and listen.  It's hard to hear sometimes, how people suffer quietly.  Every day there is someone who could use a smile or a hug, an "I'm proud of you."  We lose so much on a daily basis we become blind or immune to it until it smacks them in the face.  Please, be that shoulder to lean on.  Everyone has a need.  A quiet room and conversation with a friend, a random hello in the parking lot, unleashing the dam of tears you just can't hold anymore.  A need to release.

Apparently the need to release is right here.  I thank you for those who continued reading, I know it's not an uplifting topic today, Debbie Downer In the House!  I hope to gain some positive mojo soon, this stinks.  I am also hoping to share something FUN soon, I think the world could use a little LOT more laughter.  So I leave you with this:



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