28 May 2013

2 Years


This turned out much longer than I intended.  

It's been just over two years since we moved out of town and attempted to build a little farm.  Much has happened in this relatively short time.  We've had Daddy come and go several times, leaving us to figure some things out on our own.  We've added animals to the mix and worked a bit on our house.  We've added a little bit to the outbuilding we started with, a huge shed.  We now have chicken coops and a turkey pen, a place for rabbits and more fencing.  I have a few raised garden beds and we planted several trees, none of which took.  There have been vehicle changes, with more to come.  (Momma will need a vehicle and Kyleigh will be getting her license soon.)  We've had friends, family, visitors, house guests and "squatters" a few guys who've lived with us while in transition.  LOL, squatters, Classic!

We gave homeschooling a try, ultimately choosing public schools again.  This was the best choice for us but I still miss the homeschooling from time to time.  We have been Blessed with wonderful teachers, a dedicated principal/superintendent and an awesome elementary principal, not to mention the most wonderful staff.  We have made wonderful friends and have been mostly accepted by "the locals".  Ha!  We've had new experiences, like brandings, and become a part of this community.  We feel the pride of our little towns and it is wonderful to have that sense of family/community, which we have longed for.  Being a part of the military is it's own group, which we will always remain, but living here has been so much more than we could have hoped.  We have been through some tough times with this new family, the losses felt throughout the entire area, and we've had a great time cheering on the home team. Go Horns! Our kids have blossomed.  They've seen so much of the world in cities and suburbs, this "ranch life" has been an awesome new discovery.  They are so much more engaged.  I can't think of any other way to put it.  Kyleigh has really stepped up with the animal care and has matured into a beautiful young lady.  Lucy has opened up and has made so many new friends, some feel like we've known them forever.  Nick is our little, or not so, doer.  Whether it's shoveling snow or running the weedeater this kid knows how to work.

I'm just so grateful to be where I am.  I look forward to many more years and experiences in this little, tiny piece of the Big Sky.  I think I may have to share a few stories from these first years, the blog is only about 8 months old and there were some HI-larious moments, some terrifying, I have yet to share.  Hopefully you'll get as big a kick out of them too.  We ARE the Woodsies.  This IS our life.  You just can't make this stuff up!

How many of you are "living the dream"?  Care to share?  I'm all ears eyes.

In closing, I leave you with a phrase which has become synonymous with the WoodsFam....

"That's NEVER happened, I've just NEVER seen/heard _____________.  (Fill in the blank as you wish, it's probably been uttered.)

Oh, and let's not forget "That's a first."  And NO, these are not spoken as compliments.  They are always stated with shock, awe, confusion and/or disbelief.  Maybe I'll share some of those moments in the near future.

Have a Wonderful Wednesday!


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