14 April 2013

Happy Sunday everyone!

Well, the best laid plans...  No new Pics, it's gross outside!  It's been a busy weekend around the Woodsies.  We had a few get togethers, birthday parties, outings and right now I am enjoying a nice, quiet, relaxing Sunday alone.  God Bless our friend for taking the kids out to experience a high school rodeo.  Kyleigh is determined to barrel race so it will give her a chance to see how it all works.  Nick and Lucy couldn't be left behind, obviously.  I didn't argue.

So, it's short and sweet today.  I am headed to a nice bath with a good book.  I think it's time for another detox so I'll be heavy handed with the epsom salt and mix up a few essential oils.  I think lemon or grapefruit would be beneficial.  Ooooo, and then I can slather on my new lotion.  I made it last week, I guess that's something I could post, a recipe.  I don't remember if I even took pictures.  Oh well.  I feel the need to rejuvenate, my body says "slow down!" Like that will EVER happen.  It sounds nice, though.  I hope everyone has a wonderful week.

Much Love,


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