10 April 2013

Birds, Birds, Everywhere, Birds!

Hey Everyone.

I promise I have not forgotten you, I really am trying to build up some good posts.  With the weather getting a little nicer I'm hoping to get more outdoor pics with the animals.  The "caged" chicks just don't really look all that cute.  We've also added two ducks and a goose, I have no idea why!

Actually, I do know why...they are just so darn cute!  Add to that the stress relief of watching everyone forage and socialize and I can't imagine a better way to relax.  There are times I just need to go out and watch in the quiet.  The hens all gathered together, the rooster, Manny, being "the man" and showing the new rooster, Bob, how it's done.  Bob's also got his crow, so very cute.  Manny also believes himself to be more turkey than chicken, I think he believes himself bigger than he really is!  Men, HA!  J/K, kind of...  Another of my favorite things to watch is when the ducks are running around.  They always stick together and are constantly in some discussion or another.  Oh, and their little tails wag so cute when they waddle around.  I'm a sucker, I know.

First 10 Chicks of 2013

Here's one of Stella observing the new chicks.  She approved.

For now, the first cycle of new chicks has been moved to the "nursery" outside.  It's still cold so they are in the coop with no run, when it's nice they get to get out and run in the pretty weather.  I'm hoping it won't be too much longer before they can transition to the adult coop/run area.  I see a LOT of free ranging in our future, I may have adopted a few too many.  Once they move, I'll have the ducks and goose move to the nursery and later the last round of chicks.  We've been very fortunate this year, we've only lost 4 chicks out of  about 30...I can't remember how many we got, genius.

So, on top of that I have procrastinated a little longer than necessary, I still need to paint and clean the grown up coop.  Not really looking forward to it, I keep telling myself I'll have lots of wonderful filler for my gardens.  I'll also have to work on keeping seedlings safe from cats, dogs and birds.  It will never end, there is always something to be done "on the farm."

Hope you're having a wonderful day.


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