02 April 2013

April is Here

Hello April.

We made it through Easter and things have quieted down around here.  Our house guests have moved on and it's a little lonely.  I've gotten so used to having people around me that I have just really begun to acknowledge the "suck" that is Brian leaving.  I miss him much and I now have no distractions, therefore it's super lonely at night.  I am grateful to say he's made it to his destination and I am excited about our communication prospects.  I even got to talk to him early this morning! ~*~LOVE~*~

That all being said, I guess it's time to settle in.  I have had an enormously over-active head full of ideas.  Some I even jotted down, others will have to await the merry go round of thinking in my head...eventually the good ideas seem to come around again.  I have been working a little (LOT) "behind the blog scenes."  I am hopeful I can get some momentum, I think I overwhelmed myself with all the ideas and I haven't really focused on any one in particular.  There's just so much to be done.  I am taking today to gather myself, thank you lower back for giving up on me yesterday.  It's been a long while since I've had this happen so I'll just be happy it's not constant.

Here's to getting motivated and leaving the funky moods behind me.  Have a wonderful day.


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