06 March 2013


Good Evening to everyone out there.  This installment of woodsfam fun will be short and sweet.  We are still trying to get back up to 100% health wise.  It's been a long, ongoing process in our house...seems like forever.  Hopefully once this is done we'll be good to go for the rest of the year.  I've had two colds this winter which is really odd for me.  The kids seem to be getting better which is helpful and, if nothing else, a positive is that I am getting to bed earlier and getting much needed rest.

So, hoping in the weeks to come we are more exciting and productive.  Today was the first day of "chick season", meaning once we are prepared it will be time to add to the flock.  The coop needs cleaning and painting and I am sure we'll have to get more heat bulbs.  I can feel spring in the air and I'm hoping we can wrap up this winter weather early this year.  I'm ready for a bit of warmth with my fresh air.

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