07 February 2013

Yes, I'm still rambling...

We are almost up to 1,000 page views!  Can you believe it?  I can't!
 LOL  I guess someone is reading this. WoW!

Ok, enough of the "yelling."  I realize my posts are random and inconsistent and I am working daily to get this blog running somewhat smoothly.  I've decided HTML is like numbers...not sure I really care for it too much.  Oh well, live and learn and conquer!  Muah ha haaaa ~that's my E-Vil laugh~  I am slowly getting the hang of this and hope to one day get somewhat proficient.  As long as I can entertain you, I will do my best.  I may not have a "Monday This" or "Friday That" but I hope to keep your attention, even if it's just nonsense from our day.

So, in keeping with my baby stepping, I have been trying out new recipes and such.  You know, the taking care of oneself and others part.  When I said basics, I meant it.  I'm not going extremist or anything, just making some subtle (or not so subtle) changes around here.  I figure if I ease into it maybe it won't be noticed so much.  I mean, Hey, I'm not above tryin to pull one over on this family.  Let's see who really listens to mommy.  In all seriousness, I really have focused on a more natural, less is more, style.  Be it clothing, vehicles, foods, or other luxuries.  When we collect too many of these we don't have the time to use/enjoy everything.  IF we can find them in what could surely grow into a major hoard.  LOL  The side effects will be difficult to deal with, ie:  cleaner home, healthier bodies, more energy, more money, more "fun" time, etc.  We are just gonna have to struggle through it...

In signing off today I just want to know...will you come back again?

Much love,


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