09 February 2013

Food, Yum

So, I can finally say I am getting a little better with the blog stuff.  I'm not done with this page so please don't think it's gonna stay like this.  I am just too lazy to revert back to the original while I play around with the building of the page.

Ok then.  This week I tried out a couple new recipes on the fam.  Other than those we had some WoodsFam staples.  Here's what our menu looked like:

Monday:  Chili Mac
Tuesday:  *Turkey Fried Rice
Wednesday:  *Cabbage Burger Casserole
Thursday:  *Sweet Potato Chili
Friday:  Soft Tacos

*Denotes a new or altered recipe

Sweet Potato Chili

Unfortunately, I cannot locate the pics of the Cabbage Burger Casserole,  Sorry.


~The Chili Mac is always a winner.  Macaroni &Canned Chili topped to your liking.  I like adding ketchup, cheese and diced onion...the rest of the Fam omits the onion.

~The Turkey Fried Rice was just an alteration of meat.  Rice, Frozen Mixed Veggies, Sliced Water Chestnuts, Ground Turkey, Eggs and seasonings.  It received the thumbs up.

~The Cabbage Burger Casserole was also a hit.  I found this recipe @ allrecipes.com.  I altered it by cooking a few strips of peppered bacon (I crumbled this over the cabbage in the dish), using only 1 1/2lbs of ground beef (browned in the bacon grease) and baking it in a casserole dish.  I used regular (cheap) canned dinner rolls to top it off.  I was skeptical at first but the more I ate, the more I wanted.  It's def. a dish to warm you on those cold Nebraska (Montana) days and nights.

~What can I say about the Sweet Potato Chili?  Well, it's a bit different.  It's another from allrecipes.com.  I do not like sweet potatoes but having received two rather large ones in our Bountiful Basket, I couldn't waste them.  I would say I could make this again but it would definitely need some Ash Tweaks.  I would use less cinnamon and dice the potatoes much smaller to be much less noticeable.  I would also contemplate trying it on the stove instead of in the crock pot, simply because there are times the dinner plans need to be altered.  So, I give this one a hmmmm, maaaybe....

~Soft Tacos are soft tacos, a WoodsFam Staple and all around winner.  Last night I added a can of black beans to the meat to stretch it a bit, we had two extra mouths here.  Once again, I was a glutton and ate waaaaay too much.  I have a tendency to overdue it every time.  But they are just SOOOOOO good!!!

This coming week will be a little easier to plan.  With Ash Wednesday there's one less dinner...lol  However, so begins the abstinence of meat on Fridays.  Veggies Here We Come!  And pancakes, children demand pancakes, ugh.  I'll be on a bunny diet those days.  No Problem!

Maybe this will inspire someone to try a new dish, venture into uncharted culinary territory.  Whatever you may choose I hope you choose well.  Feed yourselves well and feel better to boot!

Have a wonderful weekend.


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