05 February 2013

Foundations and Dreams

Have you ever really thought about how long it takes to build something almost completely from scratch?  From the ground up?  From a sparkle in the eye?  From some odd, random thought?  How long it takes to actually SEE the progress?  Anyone?  Well, I'm here to tell you this family takes its time...not always by choice...

We all live in the more is better, instant gratification, entitlement world.  It's difficult to wait for our dreams.  When Brian and I started talking about our future and our dreams we could see everything all laid out in front of us.  We knew we wanted children, a small farm and each other.  Two of those were "easy".  We made a commitment to each other and entered the sacrament of marriage.  Young, "dumb" and in love we began our trek together.  We had a child, moved around, had a child, moved around, had a child and moved a few more times.  In our years together we've been successful.  We've had our ups and downs.  We've had the joy of babies, moving around the world, buying our first house.  We've had the ache of loss, people, things, places.  All of these moments have made us stronger.  All of these experiences have brought us to this place. Today.  The now.  We've been together almost 16 years.  Slowly building the foundation for our family.

NOW.  Today is now.  We have a healthy, happy, loving family.  Our children are amazing.  We are more in love now than ever.  We can see the little sprigs of hope and promise (promises...right, lol).  Our family is in a good place.  We live in a house on land.  The foundation.  Yes, we have work to do but the foundation is set.  We have room inside and out.  We see the completion of things, slowly.  We have work to do.  Hopefully we will always be able to do the work which needs to be done.  We have small areas growing outside for our animals.  Fences, shelters, pastures...  One step at a time, steady as she goes.  The dream is coming to fruition.

We have a ways to go.  I don't believe we will ever be finished.  Life is for living and while we are here we plan to do it all the way.  We are closing in on Brian's retirement years.  We are looking forward to spending our time together, working the farm and enjoying each other.  It's been a road for sure.  We are approaching another separation, geographically.  It's difficult to be apart for the better part of a year.  I am so grateful we haven't had to go on longer stretches.  It can be taxing, physically and emotionally.  The most difficult is watching the children and knowing there are moments in their lives Brian will not be able to witness firsthand.  There have been too many already, just ask Kyleigh.

We are Blessed.  We are Hopeful.  We are Faithful.  We are Loved.

If anyone would like to share their story, please feel free.

Much Love,


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