07 January 2013

Kitchen Gardening

Welcome Everyone.

It's Monday, again.  A new adventure on the 'ole farm.  Today I am planting a few seeds to see if I can get them to grow indoors.  Winter is just so long here, I can't wait.  I've focused on herbs for the most part.  I did plant some beans and tomato seeds, you can never have enough tomatoes.  I love to cook.  Why is it I have never maintained herbs indoors?  I've planted and grown and forgotten.  I've been a lazy gardener the last couple of years.  Time to change that one.  No more excuses!  It doesn't matter if it's pretty so long as it grows.  What is my obsession with patterned raised beds anyway?  Neat, clean lines in a garden...I am a little OCD about some things.  I am in awe of those who can place plants haphazardly.  Most of the time, it looks fantastic.  I am trying to loosen up a bit and get out of the "meticulously landscaped yard of suburbs."  I miss my yard and my old house.  I do not miss having neighbors on top of neighbors.  I am trying to embrace the natural landscaping.  I should probably sketch out some ideas.  I will be taking it slow this year and only grow a few different veggies.  Think quality, not quantity.  I have a bad habit of getting overly optimistic and usually plant too much and get overwhelmed, resulting in disaster.  I should also admit to being a composting nightmare.  I always put off and then forget the whole "stirring" of the pile.  I have found a few interesting ideas on Pinterest I may try, we'll see.

So there it is.  It's 7 January and I am already itching to get into the soil.  One babystep at a time.  I am thankful to have had the turkeys and ducks working on the garden areas for me.  I should let the chickens out soon also.  They have been staying close to the coop with all the cold weather.  I'm sure they are ready to get out and roam in some sunshine, warm sunshine.  It's also super windy again today.  I can't blame them for staying in, I am too.

What are your ideas/plans for gardening this year?  Please share.



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