06 January 2013

3 Kings Day/Epiphany

Good Afternoon.

Today is Epiphany, or Three Kings Day.  The start of the Mardi Gras season!  A celebration of remembrance of the 3 Wise Men visiting the baby Jesus.  Many people take their tree/decorations down on this day.  My decor got the heave ho two days after Christmas, thank you Brian.  This means its time to start thinking about the King Cakes!!!  I love the food associated with Mardi Gras in our house.  King Cakes, Gumbo, Etoufee, Jambalaya, Dirty Rice...it's all wonderful.  Not sure what will be our menu for Fat Tuesday this year but I can say I'm excited about it!  A celebration of the birth of Christ leading up to Lent is a good time for all.  The prep for the solemn remembrance of Jesus's Crucifixion and the joy of His Resurrection.

Not much else to say today.  I dropped the hubby off at the airport and then took Nick to PetCo to look at some fish.  He ended up bringing home a baby betta and two ghost shrimp.  Let's all cross our fingers, please.  He doesn't always have good luck with fish.

AND, last but not least for today....Lucy's 12th Birthday is Saturday, the 12th!  Where does the time go?

Have a Wonderful Week.



  1. Hey Ash! I'm at work and finally got to read through your blog (can't really do that when I am at home with the kids). Oh how it makes me miss owning a home! It looks like a lot of work but how fun! Thanks for sharing the Woodsie life. We miss you guys!

    1. Miss y'all too! Oh the joys of home ownership. ;-)