08 January 2013

A Head Full of Cluttered Ideas...

Wind...yes, more Wind...ugh

Today I have decided to stay inside again.  It's been a pleasant, quiet, relaxing day so far.  I'm so glad I did so much laundry yesterday.  I am using this opportunity to brainstorm a few ideas for the house/hold.  It's like window shopping, I can think all day but I don't spend a dime.  Yay Me!

As I've said before, we've been in this house for a little over 18 mos.  I still haven't painted my living room and bedrooms.  The main bath is updated a bit.  We painted the cabinets black, added trim, flooring and a new faucet.  I painted it the same color as our front bathroom in our "Georgia" house.  Change, yikes.  LOL This summer I painted the back splash of the kitchen a light green.  It's a pretty color but I'm not sold on it.  I was thinking of going retro in the kitchen with tin signs, old adds, brighter colors.  I have since found myself standing on the brakes for that one.  I would love to be able to just have the things I love and have them work together.  I don't think that's gonna happen between European irons, marbles, tapestries, etc. and a yellow chrome table with old Pyrex dishes.  Somewhere out there, someone could make this work.  It's not me.  I love what I have but my eye has twitched a bit in other directions.  With my bedroom furniture, which I LOVE, there is no way to not have it formal.  The kids all have specific ideas for their rooms.  Then there's the downstairs which is not finished yet.  I makes me cringe to think rooms won't flow into one another.  A little OCD? Yes.

So, I guess I will think about some new organizing ideas.  I have several printable items I've made and use for shopping, meal planning and daily reminders.  I would post these for download however, I haven't quite figured out how to do that yet. *I'm doing well to get pictures up.*  I'm racking my brain to come up with an organized plan for Kyleigh's room.  I don't like there to be a bunch of "stuff" out in the kids rooms (or any rooms).  She'll have a long closet so I am hoping to put a desk area in one side with clothes, etc on the other.  I'm really hoping we can make it work.  She has been so much better about keeping her room somewhat clean.  It's hard with our living arrangements right now.  Once her room is done it will be on to Lucy's.  I need to get a plan in place for her colors.  Nick's room will be somewhat easier.  He wants Longhorns.  That is Ft. Benton Longhorns, not Texas.  Eww  hehehe  That means red and white.  Sounds simple enough, he already has a red bed, desk and nightstand.  We are definitely covered with furniture in this house.  I really can't wait to get the basement finished and spread out a little bit.

Well, I suppose I've rambled on long enough here.  I am eager to hear/see any ideas or thoughts you may have.  Have a lovely afternoon.


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