19 December 2012

A Detour...

 Hello All.

I am an opinionated person.  However, I usually share my thoughts with those who wish to discuss.  I am not attacking or arguing anyone's opinion, simply stating my own personal opinion.  I welcome comments.  I only ask they be kept respectable.  Thank youl

It's been crazy all over.  I waited, I thought, I mulled, I calmed, I cleared...  I tried to understand.  My thoughts and prayers are with Newtown.  It is an unspeakable act of violence.  An act of cowardice.  An act of selfishness.  I wish I could say it was preventable.  We will never know why.  There will be no "closure."  There will be no understanding.  There will always be an emptiness.  There will always be pain.  There will always be the "what ifs". There will always be precious memories.  They will always be precious, beautiful children of God.  They will always be the adults who gave all they could for the safety of children.  Those who made our young their first priority.  All I can do is always offer up prayer...try to raise my children with conscience and empathy for others.  The ideals known as THE TEN COMMANDMENTS...yes, I do believe in them all.  I believe they should be the backbone of our beliefs.  I have known many people from devout Christians to atheists.  All have expressed the agreed opinion of believing "do unto others..."

It is absolutely imperative, IMO, we become a more moral, ethical and RESPONSIBLE country.  Yes, the USA was built on freedom.  Unfortunately, those freedoms have been manipulated etc. over the many years of our existence.  I believe our Founding Fathers intended our freedom to be reliant on morals, ethics and responsibility and good 'ole common sense.  All the laws in the world will not overcome evil.  Deep down, I believe society as a whole is good.  Taking away all labels, religious or political et.al. America as a whole is good.  It's the minority who lack emotions and are obviously deeply disturbed.  To expect anyone to predict the actions of another is absurd.  Whether we like it or not, it is up to us to be responsible for our actions.  It is up to us to demand accountability of ourselves.  Until we embrace our own personal responsibilities and become accountable for our own actions, we cannot realistically expect it of others.  With freedom comes great cost.  With freedom comes great responsibility. With freedom comes pain, suffering, loss and joy.  Yes, joy. Freedom has a price and many have made the sacrifice.  In my experience this "sacrifice" is not seen as such.  It is seen as an honor...a duty...a privilege.  A true hero will never accept the title, they will never feel they deserve it.  They will always think "if only I could have done more..." or "isn't that what everyone else would have done?".  I personally know true heroes.  I am Blessed to have them in my life.  I am thankful every day for all I have.  Not materialistically, the true riches of life are intangible.  Joy is what I feel when I see my children, my husband, my family.  Joy is hearing of a new little family blessing.  Joy is watching the triumph of others.  Joy is good.  To me, joy could be explained or demonstrated as a picture of wildflowers on the prairie or a smiling dog.  Joy is....

I pray people see more joy and acknowledge the error of their ways, myself included.  We all have things we need to work on in our personal lives as people and as a whole.  I pray all of these tragedies are a wake up call to all of us.  Life has consequences.  Life has rewards.  Whether it's repercussions from abortion, stealing, cheating etc. life will always catch up with us.  We will always know what we are responsible for.  We will always know if we were held accountable.  We will always have to live with our decisions.  Did we leave this world a better place through our actions?  Did we help those in need?  Did we express our love and gratitude to all?  I know I have work in this department.  I believe we all have work ahead of us.  Will you make it better or more painful for those around you?  The decision is yours to make.  The path of least resistance is rarely the path of the joyous.  For only in true heartbreak and suffering can we realize the wonders of love and joy in our lives.

May God bless and keep you all.

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