28 December 2012

Stretching and Relaxing

Hello Friday.

We've made it through Christmas. Yay!!!  We had a wonderful time with friends, old and new.  It was nice to go stress free (as much as possible) and really enjoy the time together.  We feasted, we laughed, we sat.  Yes, sat.  It was so nice.  Everyone appeared to enjoy themselves and shared in good times.  Here is what our feasting consisted of:

*Christmas Eve (all homemade)

Corn Chips
Tamales (pork and venison)
Beef and Cheese Enchiladas
Cheese Enchiladas
Enchiritos for Kyleigh
A Few Soft Tacos
Mexican Rice
Refried Beans (ok, so those were canned...ssshhhh)

*Christmas Day

Breakfast Casserole
Monkey Bread
Kale Chips
Honey Ham
"Grannie" Mac and Cheese
Collard Greens
Jellied Cranberries

It was a feast fit for all.  I'm still not really very hungry but a ham sandwich does sound fantastic.  Now it's time to use up all those leftovers and see how far they go.  I'm creating a list and welcome any ideas and/or suggestions.

Split Pea and Ham Soup
Black Eyed Peas with Ham (New Year's)
Bean Burritos

And FREEZING many Tamales and Enchiladas!

May you all have a wonderful and safe New Year.  And may the Lord continue to Bless everyone in the coming year.  Much Love.


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