12 December 2012


It's the twelfth of December, 2012.  My number is 12.  Maybe things will be good today, no major issues...

So, in the last week we've received not so great news about my car.  Apparently when your turbo goes, so does your whole engine.  Oh Joy!  We will add creative transportation to the list of excitement.  A little work on the truck and an oil change will make her happy, I'm sure.  Hoping we can find a commuter replacement soon.  Oh well, what can ya do...

We had another busy week between cheer practice, the first of Christmas Concerts (Nick's) and a visit from a great friend.  It's always good to see people, esp. when it's been years since the last time.  Bobby was able to see our little homestead and participate in a little of the life.  Our wonderfully sweet and oh so cooperative horse, Miss Belle, decided to go for a little walk.  She went back to where she came from so it wasn't too far and we found her quickly.  Getting her to come home was another issue.  Bobby got to lead her from the truck while I drove back.  Guess we'll be continuing the work on fence fortification.  For now she'll get to spend a little extra time with the turkeys and ducks.  I'm sure she won't mind.  

The rest of our week and into next week will be another busy time.  Kyleigh's first basketball game is Friday.  We'll also continue with the Christmas Programs for Kyleigh and Lucy.  I'm interested in seeing what they have prepared.  Imagine my surprise when reading over last night's programs and seeing a familiar production.  Nick's class did "The North Pole Goes Rock and Roll"...  Showing my age, I'll admit it was 25 years ago when I did the same play!  It was the standard 5th grade production.  Anyone who spent time in the same elementary I went to will recognize.  LOL  I can't believe I was even able to sing along and remember dialog.  Funny the things we remember.

I guess it's time for me to get back to the day to day.  The laundry won't do itself and I can never keep up with, much less ahead of, the pet hair.  Dusting and vacuuming is on ongoing challenge in this house.  Also gonna have to continue with holiday prep. 

May everyone have a wonderful day.


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