05 December 2012

Hump Day

Good afternoon everyone.  It's Hump Day!  Oh how I would love to be at Eskimo Joe's for some Little Joes and beer.  I guess I'll settle for a glass of wine at home.  LOL

An update on my carpet cleaning adventures.  I managed to get through quite a bit of the living room in the past two days.  The detergent seems to be doing a decent job.  I suggest dissolving the detergent in hot water before adding it to the tank.  I've gotten about half way through the living room and had to stop.  It's very irritating when the sprayer isn't working.  I've tried priming the pump, cleaning all seals and taking the darn thing apart to check hoses.  I have no idea so it's gonna have to wait for the Mr. to spend some quality time with it.  In order to finish a few places I just dumped steaming hot water and sucked it up.  Seems to be fine. So, excluding the Bissell's lack of motivation, it has been a good couple days for the carpet.  My house doesn't smell like animals and there aren't any big stains.  I still can't seem to get the Shasta Tiki Punch out but, oh well.

A toast to clean (er) carpets.

Here's to a wonderful downhill slide to the weekend.


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