06 November 2012

GO VOTE~Vote Vote Vote!!!!!!!

Hello Hello.  I encourage everyone who is able to get out and vote!  Let's take America back by voicing the people's opinions and showing Washington WE MEAN IT!  If you don't, I don't wanna hear a word about it from you.  We may not end up with our favorite but we have to put forth the effort.  May we pray for all.

OK, I'm done with the soapbox.

Today is November 6 and my thankful #6 is due...

I am thankful for the privilege to vote and I am very thankful I did it last week.  We always hear about our "rights" these days but we need to realize they really are privileges provided by those who are willing to fight for them for all of us.

And for today on the farm....  A simple story of animal curiosity.  Sunday afternoon the hubby decided to remove the fence from the yard.  It was put up last year to keep the big dogs home while they adjusted to their new surroundings.  Unfortunately, Miss Cora never really respected the fence.  She was able to breach the security almost immediately.  Mr. Brown was content to stay in and bark at her as she took off on adventures.  There were times they both got out and took journeys together.  Cora always being the "leader" of the fun.  Yesterday I received a call from the neighbors, about four miles down the road, who had managed to get the phone number off Cora's tag.  By the time I got there, they had already moved on.  I decided to wait them out, they always return home.  So imagine my excitement when they finally did return.  I opened the door and there is Cora with her tennis ball (her wubby, if you will) and a chin and mouth full of quills.  I say full, probably about a dozen or so which is about a dozen more than I ever cared to see.  She comes bounding in with the same excitement and zest for life as always.  Mr Brown, not so much.  He was super embarrassed and wouldn't even look me in the eye.  He knew he messed up and the quills were just a painful reminder.  He only has a few as well but he is more than willing to let us know we are not to touch.  I was able to remove one or two before deciding it would be better to keep my hands and face intact. Sooooo....we are going into town with Mr. Brown and he will get to see the vet.  Hoping this is quick, simple and somewhat financially pain-free.  I feel like telling him "Merry Christmas" and "Happy New Year". Again, would post pics but my camera has not yet decided to surface.  Oh well.

So there it is.  Another day in the life of the Woodsies.  Hope you enjoy.


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