08 October 2012

Monday Monday

Well, it's been a busy weekend.  Three nights of cheer and a dance.  Kyleigh did GREAT!  She even had fun once she settled down a bit.  A few pics (a professional I am not...)

Aside from the school fun there wasn't much else going on.  The girls spent quite a bit of Saturday and Sunday with the horse.  She's been a little grumpy from not having as much attention as she would like.  I did manage to get her water heater plugged in, along with chicken waterers and heat lamps.  What a project!  I would certainly not mind it if we were to run a few new electrical lines so I don't have a mile of extension cords through the yard.  But, for now it works and that is all that matters.

For today I am thinking of venturing into a craft project.  I am not really talented in the crafting world so cross your fingers, please.  I have lots of ideas, tons, executing is another story.  Today we shall be using denim and all the jeans my kids outgrow.  Some are just retired early due to holes in the knees.  How he manages to blow out the knees consistently is beyond me.  I could probably count on one hand how many times I've worn through jeans.  And shoes, don't even get me started on the wear and the SMELL!  It's awful.

Til later,

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