15 October 2012

Autumn is Creepin' In...

Good Morning all!  It's officially mid October in Montana.  What does this mean for the Woodsies?  Well, for Daddy Woods it means hunting season.  Hear me?  HUNTING SEASON!!!!!  He's been counting down the days since the closing of last season.  Saturday is opening day of rifle season and he's already been working on his areas.  This means, by default, I have also been working the areas.  I myself am not so much excited at the prospect of hiking all over this beautiful countryside in freezing cold temperatures.  He's gotten me out two years now and my harvest temps were -8*F and -12*F.  That's right, negative degrees....which kinda makes me a "Negative Nancy."  I kinda like my fingers, toes and nose.  I must confess, I really only go out so I can spend time with my hubby.  I don't get "buck fever" although he's certain I will some day.  About the only other motivating factor is the prospect of winning.  Yes, if I'm gonna do it I may as well win.  Not that I'm competitive in any way.  But winning is so much more fun!  And, making the boys wait while I put on my lip gloss, check my hair and make sure my earrings are secure before they take the pics...almost makes it worth it.  ALMOST  ;-)

As for MY fall season, I am looking forward to the food.  YUM!  Chickens and roasts, turkeys, hams, stews, soups, and FOOTBALL FOOD!  Every once in awhile I have to have a football weekend of dips, chips, wings and beer.  It's just so tasty and relaxing.  I dream of it while I freeze off my behind stalking deer.  And let's not forget the gluhwein.  Ahhh, just the thought warms my heart.  Cozy up on the couch with my Honey and my mug.  Maybe I will get the fall decor up today and see if that motivates.  I've been a little slow in the spirit of the season.  So much going on around here.  Running to and fro and barely a moment to stop and enjoy life.  It shall be my main goal today, enjoying life.  I've missed my quiet days at home, alone. 

So, what are your favorite fall activities, traditions, foods, etc?  Feel free to share... 


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