24 October 2012

Hello Again...

After a brief hiatus, I am back.  It was a busy week or so.  Daddy got his buck, I got a cold.  It's a bit snowy here on the ole farm.  The kids decided it was best to bring the bunny cages into the house.  Their water kept freezing.  The assorted birds seem to be doing well.  Our newer additions have moved in with their older siblings.  I would imagine the chicken coop is a bit warmer with everyone together.  I'm still interested in how the "naked neck" chick will do.  We had sleepovers all weekend for the girls.  Lucy had her horse-sense friend over to try some horse whispering with Belle.  Seems to me she's just fine when she has mucho interaction.  If she feels she's been neglected she tends to show her haughty side.  As for the dogs, the outdoor ones are really enjoying the pieces of deer lying around....Blah!

My favorite moment of the week has to be from last night.  I finally lit the propane stove!  Yay!  We swung the love seat around and I got to sit with my love in front of the fire.  It was nice and quiet and warm.  It got even warmer when a cat and a dog joined us.  The cat, Stella, is very happy to sit quietly with us.  Cora, on the other hand, really likes to get close.  Picture a beautiful red border collie (mix?) snuggled up on Daddy's shoulder.  And I do mean she was completely on his shoulder.  He lifted his arm and she moved with him as one.  Personally, I don't know if I care to snuggle up quite so close.  LOL

So, I hope you stay tuned in.  I am determined to get some of my crafts done.  Namely, the denim blanket.  Have a wonderful day.


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