29 October 2012

Monday, Monday

Good afternoon all.  It's been another busy weekend at the ole homestead.  Brian tagged out Saturday with his doe.  The freezer is filling up quickly, yay!  Looks like we are gonna have a few additions to the house for the end of the year.  It should be entertaining to say the least, and quite cozy too.  It's so fun to have people around.  And their little dogs too....lol.

So, in keeping with the spirit of preparing for visits, I have started "Flying" through the house.  I've managed to accomplish my goals for today with cleaning AND, I even did a craft...  Ooooo Aaaaahhh  That's right, I pulled out the Singer and whipped up a little hanging bag for plastic bags.  With so many more people in the house we should really start accumulating the plastic shopping bags.  It's a small step toward "a place for everything and everything in its place."  Before anyone starts sounding off about the reusable shopping bags...I DO have several.  It would just be more useful if I remembered to take them in the store with me.  As for this bag storage bag...sounds weird...I'm thinking it may become a very nice place to put socks.  Our little Lucy has a habit of just grabbing two socks and throwing them on.  I guess it saves time not having to fold them.  And yes, it drives me bonkers to see mismatched socks on her feet but I'm trying to deal with that  in my own way.

So here it is, my simple bag holder:

Here's to a wonderful week for all!


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