05 October 2012

Every Time He Leaves...

Raise your hand if you can relate...  Every time my husband leaves, be it a week or eight months, the bad (inconvenient, devastating, costly, random, emotional, etc.) things start to happen.  Whether its $1200 to remove bladder stones from a dog, $900 for truck repairs, a blown tire, chicken carnage, wells running dry or any other such "fun", it's always when he leaves.  This week is no different.  After dropping him off at the airport I return home to find one of our turkeys has gone stiff.  Please, PLEASE  can I dig a burial for a 30+ lb turkey.  (The kids insist we need a pet cemetery...what kind of images does that conjure?) Did I mention digging here is like trying to carve your name in concrete with a feather?  So, no, I haven't been able to dig down far enough yet.  Thank God it's a cold week.

This week also happens to be Homecoming week for my daughter.  Daddy missed her debut last night and the homecoming parade today.  She handles it pretty well.  Let's face it, when Daddy's only been there for a small handful of your birthdays and other important events in your 14 years, you kinda get used to it.  Upcoming events, such as getting a driver's license next year, will be no different.  Fortunately for us, we have some really awesome friends who will be coming in tomorrow for the football game.  Bless Them!

AND, in keeping with the theme of this post...  Wait for it...  We just lost a bunny.  Nothing makes a mom feel better than all the kids crying for Daddy to come home so the bad things will stop.  Every time something happens they feel the need to go down the "laundry list" of what has happened while Daddy's been gone.  Every time he's been gone, not just the current episode.  If I had a dime...  Whaaa Whaaa Whaaaaaaaa

So please....share your stories.  Good, Bad, Ugly.  All are welcome and most assuredly appreciated.  It's not a contest but a small venue to share some of your "Oh $&*#T!" moments.  Thank you in anticipation of the entertainment.


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