19 November 2014

Let's Start With Spring 2014

Spring on the farm is our welcoming of young animals.  This year was no different than the others, we got more birds.  Chickens, ducks and turkeys, oh my!  We had the standard bird losses for several reasons, one being young birds are fragile.  We had a few get trampled and a few disappear, it's pretty standard around here.  We have one on the block, so to speak...Thanksgiving is next week...

We welcomed several litters of kittens and sent them out into the world, to neighboring farms.  We lost several cats this year, a new kitten this past week being the most recent.  We didn't even really get a chance to know her.  Some of our "seasoned" kitties must have met with bigger predators and I know of one who worked his way down a few miles to another farm.

We had 4H pigs this year, from April to August.  Each of the kiddos had a pig and we had an extra in case of any loss, four total.  Kyleigh had Sue, Lucy had Bubba and Nick had Awesome Sauce, and then there was Extra.  We had a good time watching them play around but when it was time to go I can't pretend I was too heartbroken.  For any of you who don't know, pigs STINK.  It's a horrid smell and what better way to attract flies than with horrid smells.  I think we still have a fly in the house and it's been way below freezing for a week.  There will have to be adjustments made before the next cycle of pigs. Period.

In addition to the new animals, we added some structures to the grounds.  We now have the "big" barn started and the "mini" barn up for the birds and bunnies. The big barn has the first of three sections up making a sort of lean to with stalls and room for some tools.  We still have work to do on the mini barn but it is functional.  The trim pieces never went up and we haven't put up the chicken run yet.  I have a really hard time making design decisions, I'm thinking Brian will end up just doing it himself this next spring when he tackles the fencing and new pig area.  There's always something to do on a farm, hobby my butt!

I'll be back soon with a summer re-cap.

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