28 August 2013

Back to School

School's back in session and we are full steam ahead!

Our daily schedule now includes school and several activities, volleyball practice, cheer practice, chauffeuring back and forth from house to bus stop to school and back home.  That's a LOT of miles on the 'ole girl.  I'm happy to say she's hanging in there and doing well.  Also very fortunate for carpooling friends, saves me multiple trips to town or having to sit for several hours in between pick up times.  Football practice will also be starting soon, whatever will I do with all my extra time???

Speaking of football, our first game is this Friday and I am excited to cheer on our 'Horns!  I love being a part of this town, such wonderful people.  It also means the weather is cooling off, at least at night.  We are still in the 90s during the day but the mornings and evenings are mild.  I even get to open my windows again...what more could one want?  Well, glad you asked...I want my husband home!  It's getting closer and I'm getting more impatient.  What a surprise, huh?!?  Cooler weather means F-O-O-D in our house.  When the chill starts to creep in I can't help but ...rubbing hands together and evil laughing... make chili, soups, casseroles and such.  Fall is being in the kitchen with my sous chef, Brian, and having people gather in our home.  I LOVE it!  Pot Lucks?  I think I may just have to arrange something.

Cooler weather also coincides with shorter days.  This is one of the toughies.  It's dark when we head to the bus and dark when we get home.  This means more time for blogging?  Ha ha  Let's hope so.  For now I must go and take advantage of the daylight hours in prep for the shorter days.  The animals need me as does the lawn weed farm I've got going.  Farm waits for no one!

Sending Wonderful Thoughts Your Way.


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