24 April 2013

What?!? You don't say...

 4 More Mondays!!!

Hear me?  I said, 4 More Mondays...

Yep, the end of the school year is rapidly approaching and I am pretty excited about it!  No more racing out the door in the mornings, hopefully.  In connection with end of school come the summer activities.  Looks like we'll have some baseball and a basketball camp.  It's so nice to find an outlet for some of Nick's energy, he has soooooo much!

We also have a visit to look forward to in June, Grannie is comin' out to stay for a few weeks.  That's only 5 more Mondays away.  This should certainly help pass the time, of which I am grateful.  These months with Daddy away can really drag on at times.  I'm thinking between activities, visits and the "impending doom" of the beginning of next school year, September shouldn't feel so far away!  We've also got Kyleigh working on her driving, logging hours for her license, and she may just have a job lined up.  Yay for her!  Not to mention the extra time with the horses and other animals.  And gardening....oooo, aaaaaahhh.

It will also be a chance for me to get some things done around the house, inside and out.  Or, at least, TRY to get things done.  Maybe Grannie will be in a crafty/decorating/painting/something kinda mood.  We can hope!  I have so many ideas, so many things to be done, I'm exhausted just thinking about it.

On that note, I believe it's time for me to bid you good night.  My eyes are burning and I can't quit yawning.  Not to mention, I have a book calling my name.  I'm definitely a reading junkie and if I don't get to it I'll end up awake til dawn...not such a good idea.

What are your summer plans?  I'd love to hear.

Buenos Noches,


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