11 February 2013

Isn't it time to garden yet???

I know there are plenty of you who have already started your spring planting.  I used to be one of you!  I am now so far north most of my planting dates are mid April and beyond...for SEEDS!  I know, right?!?  So, I am looking on the bright side and reminding myself I have more time for planning.  Planning?  What's that?  Know what I mean?  I am more of a visualizer, I need those plants looking back at me asking "where do you want me?"  This year I am hoping to figure out a little about the planning.  In order to be ready to grab the plants and get them in the ground and on their way, long days but short summers here, this is a must.  So, what's it gonna be this year?  Let's see....

I have a confession...I am embarrassed about my yard!  We moved in with nothing more than a few bushes.  Our "windbreak" bushes, not my favorite, are all different shapes and sizes.  Some are growing nicely, others are sticks in the dirt. Literally.  There are a few lilacs and I do love them so but it's just not enough.  We tried to put in a few trees and I would estimate 2 of 11 might have made it.  Ugh.  A windbreak is a necessity out here or we'll all blow away!  So, I guess there's step one...Establishing a more effective windbreak.  Difficult when I need fast growing, strong species.  There is so much area to cover and so many ideas in my head that I just planted some flowers in pots last year.  I did put in some bulbs but I'm afraid they weren't too happy.  Who knows what will try to come back.  Let's just cross our fingers and see if ANYTHING comes back.

So, I guess it's time to make a list of desired plants, trees, bulbs and such.  Starting with the windbreak.  Any ideas out there?  Evergreens would be best since the wind is year round here.  Also, it will give the local wildlife some cover.  The grouse and pheasants would appreciate your help.

Thanks for reading.


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