11 January 2013


Snow.  Lots and Lots of Snow.

Happy Friday Everyone.  We woke up to snow yesterday and it hasn't stopped yet.  Not really sure how much has fallen but the drifts are somewhat impressive.  About three feet outside our basement.  Not too bad.  My main concern is the highway.  We have high school basketball tonight and that means driving in to town to pick up our cheerleader and her friend.  The road was gross yesterday, I can only imagine what it is now.  We are sitting at -13*F.  Thankful the animals are all tucked into their shelters.  I certainly don't want to leave mine.

Well, it's off to bundle up for the day.  Sounds like a good day to hit the couch and read, maybe a hot bath.  But first things first, Coffee!  Wishing everyone a peaceful day.


Seems the roads aren't so bad after all.  Thank the Lord.

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