15 January 2013

KFC and Kraft KopyKats

Good Afternoon.

I figured I would post a quick note about last night's dinner.  Turned out fabulous!  And yes, while eating we found a PBS show highlighting "Soul Food."  Yep, not the most healthful but everything in moderation, right?  LOL I found a few recipes on Pinterest and figured it was time to try them out.  This is where the recipes are posted.  We had the "KFC Chicken" and the "Kraft Mac & Cheese."  I also made a quick cole slaw to complete the meal.

The cole slaw was simple.  I used red/green cabbage, carrots, spinach (yes) and dill pickles.  I ran everything through the shredder then added the "dressing."  I used mayo, apple cider vinegar, kosher salt and a few hits of cayenne.  I had a few substitutions/changes to the chicken and mac.  Our grocery store didn't have tomato cup of soup so I used a tomato bullion.  I soaked the chicken in a salt water bath before breading, as well.  I also added heavy whipping cream, pepper and seasoning salt to the mac.  It was a big hit!  The boys took it for lunch today, what was left of it after the hubbs inhaled four pieces of chicken.  You read that right. FOUR!  The reviews on the leftover lunch, "fantastic."  Go figure.  Next time I am definitely adding the collards to the menu and some biscuits, but last night was last minute dinner decision.

Hope to hear from anyone who tried these or other recipes on the link.  There are several I would like to try.  Have a relaxing evening.  


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